5 Great Places for a North American Safari

Travelling the United States on safari could rate highly as one of the most of exciting activities. Millions of people travel to the United States every year, but what are the attractions to be found in this land? There is a lot to see and learn from the land and its culture. Some of the great destinations that ought to appear for north american safari in your itinerary include

  • San Francisco
  • Miami
  • Las Vegas
  • Orlando
  • Los Angeles

San Francisco

This Californian city is beautifully endowed with hills in addition to its unusual mix of architecture. The city’s most notable feature is the Golden Gate Bridge, which could pass for the most photographed here. Cable cars introduced way back in 1873 offer tourists with a great way of the city’s exploration in an ancient fashion. The tram resembling vehicles are a historic monument, thanks to a 1964 declaration. China town, Fisherman’s wharf and a modern art museum are among some other great attractions that you can expect to find.


Known for its amazing beaches, this coastal city in Florida has a lot more to offer. Everglades’s alligator farm presents you with an opportunity to spend some time with giant reptiles, the alligators. You also have the chance to visit monkey jungle, Miami zoo, Vizcaya gardens & museum and Jungle Island.

Las Vegas

Created for the sole purpose to provide gambling and entertainment, the city is in Nevada has so much as far as attractions go. Are you thinking of owning a classic car over a century old? A collection at the imperial palace featuring over 300 cars will leave you spoilt for choice. Art lovers will certainly fall in love with the Bellagio fine art gallery, where art objects from all over the world are exhibited.


Many people will describe this city as home to Walt Disney. Most of the world’s entertainment attractions are to be found here. The physical location is in the central part of Florida. Other key attractions in this city include; the Lego imagination center, the universal city-walk, Eola Lake Park and the Shakespeare theater among.

Los Angeles

The most spectacular whale watching tour will be your experience while in this city located in the coast south of California. Hover over the Los Angeles airspace with a glance at the Hollywood on a 15 to 30 minute helicopter tour. It is not a wonder that this city receives over 20 million visitors annually.

To travel to the United States as a tourist, you need to have with you a valid B-2 visa that can be obtained from an American consulate or embassy near you Owing to the great level of scrutiny subjected to visa applications, it is always wise to do it in good time. The requirement for this document is only different if the visa waiver program allows you to travel without one or if you are a national from a country in agreement with the United States that allows visa free travel. Touring the United States requires that your eligibility to do so is determined through the electronic system for travel authorization ESTA. The experience of your travel to these United States destinations is a guarantee of a historic encounter like no other; why not start planning for it?

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