Corbett National Park: Experience The Wildlife

Corbett National Park- Experience The Wildlife

The best place to enjoy your whole days with your friends and family members is Ranthambore Park; this is a national park in the Rajasthan. It is one of the traditional parks, which is located at the center of Rajasthan. You can visit all the places by affordable jeeps. The popularity of the national park is tigers. You can visit a variety and more number of tigers in the park.

You can visit the Jim Corbett National Park also in the state of Rajasthan. The best time to visit the park is May and November. You can also visit the place in your summer holidays with your lovable family. The tigers reserve the region of 1334 km2 and the core area of the national park is more than 392 km2. Within the national park you can see a lot of banyan trees.

The Ranthambore national park is situated in a Rajasthan state. This is a project for tiger reserve and the national park is also called as a small forest.

The project is initially developed in the year of 2002 along with the small service and company. Now the service and project is spread into other countries also. If you want to visit the park then you can use the Safari Online Booking.  This is one of the online booking you have to reserve as soon as possible. The entry charge of the national park is very reasonable one when compared to other tourist place in Rajasthan. Once you have visited that place then you never forgot those moments in your life.

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