How to Make the Most of Your Tiger Safari at the Tadoba Tiger Resort

Tiger Safari at the Tadoba

National parks in India are home to more than 50 percent of the world’s tiger population. However, statistics reveal that the tiger population in India is going down and has plummeted from around 100,000 about a century back to approximately 1,700 today. There is something enthralling about watching the world’s rarest and one of the most beautiful animals in its natural habitat. India’s national parks such as the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, promises a lot more than the occasional tiger sightings.

It would be best to visit the national park between the months of March and May for successful sightings. The park usually, closes during the rainy season starting from July and reopens mostly in October. The forest looks really lush green during the monsoons, but because of the luxuriant growth of the tall grasses, it would be really difficult to spot the tigers.

Tigers are really huge animals. An encounter with a tiger on its home turf could really be a fabulous experience to cherish all your life. No words are enough to express the feeling and the thrill of spotting a tiger. However, remember that it is never easy to encounter the royal animal. Here are a few helpful tips for enjoying your tiger safari in India. You may visit Tadoba Tiger Resort for detailed information and get your reservations done.

Know the Forest

Every forest seems to have its own unique story. Learn about the jungle you are exploring and hear its story from your safari guide. It would surely be quite fascinating and attention-grabbing. Forests are usually divided into a number of zones for facilitating tourism. You must become conscious of the landscape. Some jungles are supposed to be mountainous and the big cats could be hiding on top of the hills. Some forests have plains that boast of tall grasses which could be the hiding place for the tigers.

You must try and sharpen your knowledge about the fauna and flora of a forest. Every national park is distinct in its own right. Remember there are many other amazing animals in a national forest than only the tigers. Learn about them from your expert guide. Gaurs and deer are the most sighted animals. There are, however, various kinds of deer including spotted deer, sambhar deer etc. You could come across numerous rare species of birds. If there are an expert safari guide and a very good naturalist in your safari group, you could get a lot of information about this great variety of birds.

Get Acquainted with Your Safari Partners

Getting to know all your tiger safari partners is certainly a smart move. Talk to them and understand who they actually are. Find out how interested they are in wildlife. Safari is truly a thrilling and enjoyable experience but you should not simply treat it as just a picnic. You must make use of this opportunity to not only explore the jungle but understand the wildlife too. Encourage your safari partners to share their knowledge, information and experiences related to wildlife and national forests. Once you are inside the forest, you must not make any noise. It would be spoiling others experience as they could be serious and genuine wildlife aficionados.

Get To Learn More and Know About the Big Cats of the Jungle

Tigers are warm-blooded animals. They are carnivorous and they love to hide right into the cold areas of the forests. It is often very difficult to spot them. Tigers usually have a lifespan of 14 years. The best time for tiger sighting is late evenings and early mornings when temperatures tend to be cooler. Tigers come out of their hiding just to quench their thirst or look for some food. They are mostly sighted near the water bodies present in the forests.

Tigers have a strong and distinctive territorial behavior. It is a fact that a tigress could have a territory as spread out as 20 square kilometers whereas, a tiger could enjoy territorial supremacy extending over up to 100 square kilometers. They are quite capable of fighting each other over their territorial supremacy issue. A tiger could even kill its children for his territory.

We are so lost in our hectic and mechanical lives in the modern cities of today, that we have forgotten how beautiful the lush green jungles would really be. We rarely get to hear the chirping of birds as they are lost in the blaring of the horns. We are hardly able to see the fantastic blue sky thanks to the numerous tall concrete buildings. So it is just the right time for a wonderful wildlife getaway to the Tadoba Tiger Resort for a truly memorable experience. The reserve forests are getting a lot of attention and consistent efforts are being made to conserve wildlife. Therefore, the beauty and tranquility of these protected areas are on the rise. So just pack your bags and head straight to India to enjoy in the wilderness of the reserve forests in India.

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  1. Really amazing Tour. Choosing ranthambore national park for a wildlife journey and for taking a great experience. The tour of this Tiger Reserve is full of adventure and fun.

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