Survival Tips While Hiking in the Jungle in Hot Weather Conditions

Survival Tips While Hiking in the Jungle in Hot Weather Conditions

As the weather starts warming up, you simply can’t resist the idea of going out for some outdoor adventure and fun. It is always a great relief when the temperature starts soaring after the freezing winter months. This is especially true if you are a hiking enthusiast. The idea of a wildlife vacation during the warm days is quite appealing if you are an outdoors person and love to go for jungle safaris and hiking amidst nature’s abundant bounties. However, you need to be fully prepared to face the sun’s wrath.

The sun could be pretty hot and uncomfortable even in the not so hot climate. You may suddenly find the heat totally unbearable and you could be showing symptoms of heat exhaustion before you know it. There are certain steps that could make your hiking experience in the jungle even in hot weather conditions, a grand success and an enjoyable one. Here are a few tips to enjoy your wilderness hiking experience.

Survival Tips While Hiking in the Jungle in Hot Weather Conditions

Big Cat at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Get Ready for the Hike

You must get ready before stepping out in the heat. If you are thinking of hiking in the pristine Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, you need to be fully prepared before venturing out. Not only would you require booking a room in one of the comfortable resorts at Tadoba National Park, well in advance, you also must get prepared to face the heat while hiking in the jungle. It is essential for you to stay fit and healthy while hiking.

Dress Properly to Tackle the Heat

Carry a Sun Hat:You must necessarily carry a sun hat with a nice broad brim that would be keeping the sunlight away from your face, neck, and head. A hat would help in limiting the degree of eyestrain on account of the sun. Avoid the baseball hat as that would be good for shielding your eyes only. The broad-brimmed hat would be protecting your eyes and the entire face and neck too. Today various types of hats are available that offer UV protection that would be safeguarding your skin from the harsh effects of the sun.

Use a Sunscreen:You must carry a sunscreen with you when you have plans of hiking because sunburn could prove to be quite painful and your skin could be exposed more to the risk of getting skin cancer. Sunburn may culminate in heating up your body and making heat exhaustion a lot more possible. If your skin has been burnt, it would necessitate an increase in the intake of water for keeping you cool.

Venture out Early:Step out of your resort or hotel very early in the morning just around the time of sunrise. This would be pretty helpful in completing a major part of the hike before the blazing afternoon sun descends upon you.

Pay Importance to Water: You must understand how important water is to your body. You must necessarily carry a lot more water than required. Moreover, you must get hydrated a couple of days before the planned hiking date.This would be very effective in safeguarding your body from dehydration and heat.

Remember to Pack Electrolyte-Rich Snacks:Carry some salty snacks such as chips or trail mix that could be helpful in retaining electrolytes even when you are actually sweating profusely.

Some Hiking Tips to Survive the Extreme Heat

There are some effective ways of tackling excessive heat on the trail. Here are some of the hiking tips.

  • Stay hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of water throughout the hike. If despite the scorching heat, you seem to be feeling cold, you need to drink even more water. Sweating is normal while hiking. If by chance you notice that there is no sweat, you are in for some heat issues. Stay alert.
  • Find shade to allow your body to cool down.
  • Try cooling down faster by loosening your clothes. Remove the layers for letting the air pass through and cool your body down quickly.
  • If you are feeling lightheaded and overheated, find a shady place for lying down. Putting your feet up could help in putting back the blood in your head. This would enable your body to effectively cool down.
  • Use a damp cloth, rag, or a sponge for cooling down by placing it over your head, hands, wrists, feet, and ankles for cooling you down. For instant cooling, dip your feet in the water.


Remember with proper planning and effective precautions, you could enjoy a wonderful hiking experience even during the hottest summer days. You simply need smart planning and taking adequate water breaks to allow your body to gradually cool down.

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