Top 5 Wildlife Destinations In India

India is sanctified with a number of daring wildlife tourist destinations. In India, the unique wildlife tourism attracts many tourists from worldwide in order to have a visit to the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries embedded with the natural and beautiful surroundings. These wildlife parks are naturally decked with a broad of variety of flora as well as fauna. In the list of top five wildlife sanctuaries in India, Corbett National Park places first, which is also referred to as Jim Corbett national park.

Corbett National Park, Top 5 Wildlife Destinations In India

Corbett National Park

It seems to be the first national park in India and also popular for its Tiger preserve. If you are the one who seeking for adventure and fun, then visit to the Corbett national park is a must. Here, one should definitely get pleasure from the Jeep safari of this beautiful park.

Ranthambore National Park, Top 5 Wildlife Destinations In India

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is one of the most well known places for the wildlife lovers to visit. Being located in Rajasthan, this park has been easily accessed by means of air, road or rail. In the ranthambore national park, there are a few areas allocated for the visitors where they can able to promenade at their heart’s spirit.

BandhavGarh National Park, Top 5 Wildlife Destinations In India

Tiger Watching you at BandhavGarh National Park

Actually BandhavGarh National Park belongs to Vindhyan mountain range, located in the Madhya Pradesh. This park boasts to enclose the greater density of tiger community in the country. Tadoba National Park seems to be the oldest national park India, which is located in Maharashtra. As similar to other wildlife destination, this park also acts like a dwell place to diverse wildlife.

Tadoba National Park, Top 5 Wildlife Destinations In India

Tadoba National Park

However, the best time for tiger spotting at Tadoba is in between March and May. Apart from tigers, other wildlife will be easily observed all around the year. Especially, winters are the favorite months for the visitors to have wildlife tadoba jeep safari.

Kanha National Park, Top 5 Wildlife Destinations In India

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Kanha National Park is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and this park attracts a number of visitors at the time of February and June. This park has a broad range of spotted deers, tigers, sambhar deer, wild boar, blackbuck, langur monkey, jackals, crested serpent and more than three hundred species of reptiles, birds and fishes. Jeep safari or elephant safari inside this park is a valuable trial.

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